2021 Legislative Session, passed Legislation to:

  • Ban harmful police tactics like chokeholds, no-knock warrants and restrict use of tear gas, vehicular pursuits and certain military equipment (HB 1054).
  • Create a first-ever statewide standard on police use of force prioritizing de-escalation and less lethal alternatives to deadly force (HB 1310).
  • Mandate that police must provide youth under 18 access to an attorney before questioning them (HB 1140).
  • Create and fund first ever pre-apprenticeship program in the construction trades at Federal Way High School Develop a one-stop resource center for youth.

2020 Legislative Session, passed legislation to:

  • Expand services for families in crisis like mental health services, suicide prevention and drug treatment (HB 2873).
  • Provide recommendations to schools to improve academic outcomes for unhoused or foster care youth (HB 2711).
  • Develop a high school environmental sustainability and renewable natural resources curriculum (HB 2811).

On Federal Way City Council (2017-2020), Jesse successfully:

  • Passed an ordinance to mandate use of apprentices on all city capital projects.
  • Passed funding for youth violence prevention.
  • Developed the Emerging Leaders youth program exposing local high school students to the inner workings of local government.
  • Helped create the city’s first Senior Advisory Commission so that seniors can identify and advocate for the issues that are most important to them.
  • Was elected to the Washington State House of Representatives.