Both on the City Council and in my job working with Highline Public Schools, I have sought to ensure we are providing equitable access to quality education for every student – from cradle to career. I’ve worked to increase student exposure to career pathways and training opportunities, higher education, and trade/vocational programs, while encouraging youth to engage in civic life and decision making. The first bill I passed in the State Legislature will establish an environmentally sustainable high school curriculum focused around our local natural resources. This program will introduce our students to new opportunities in clean energy careers. I also sponsored a budget provision to pilot our region’s first ever Maritime School and Educational program, an investment to increase the maritime industry workforce including longshoreman, engineers, port workers and biologists. Our community is an ideal area to launch this program due to our excellent access to waterways.

Moving forward, I’m excited to continue improving our education system, from early learning to postsecondary options. Every kid deserves the tools to succeed and our community benefits from building an educated, driven workforce for the next generation. My goal is that every student and worker has access to a stable and rewarding career with a living wage and benefits that also allows for them to provide for their family and to thrive in a vibrant local economy.