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Q&A: Rep. Jesse Johnson on police reform

Last session was a watershed moment for the police reform movement in Washington State. Two key pieces of legislation passed: HB 1310 created new use of force regulations and standards, and HB 1054 limited certain police tactics.Read More

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Package Of Priority Legislation From Rep. Jesse Johnson Passes The House

Since being sworn-in less than six weeks ago, Rep. Jesse Johnson, D-Federal Way, has prioritized legislation to address issues that are impacted by homelessness, the foster care system, addressing youth violence and early intervention, and expanding dental care for babies and children.

Seattle Medium
Jesse Johnson Enters Legislature Ready To Lead

Newly appointed Rep. Jesse Johnson (D-Federal Way) has a lot on his plate for a first-year legislator, but he’s ready to take on the tough issues facing the 30th District and the rest of Washington state.