Key Priorities

Education and Opportunity for Every Child - From Cradle to Career

Both on the City Council and in my job working with Highline Public Schools, I have sought to ensure we are providing equitable access to quality education for every student – from cradle to career. I’ve worked to increase student exposure to career pathway and training opportunities, higher education, and trade/vocational programs, all while encouraging youth to engage in civic life and decision making. The first bill I passed in the State Legislature will lead to establishing an environmental sustainability high school curriculum focused around our local natural resources in addition to introducing our students to new opportunities in clean energy careers.  I also sponsored a budget proviso to pilot our region’s first ever Maritime School and Educational program, an investment to increase the maritime industry workforce including longshoreman, engineers, port workers and biologists. Our community is an ideal area to launch this program due to our excellent access to waterways.  

Moving forward, I’m excited to continue improving our education system, from early learning to postsecondary options, so every kid can succeed, as well as contributing to the workforce of our next generation initiatives.  My goal is that every student and worker has access to a stable and rewarding career with a living wage and benefits that also allows for them to provide for their family and to thrive in a vibrant local economy.

Affordability for Working Families and Seniors
The cost of living is increasing everywhere across our region, especially housing costs as more people are moving into our community. I helped lead the effort to form Federal Way’s first Senior Advisory Commission, and, as our district continues to grow, I know we need to be proactive in protecting our communities by concentrating on housing and healthcare affordability for seniors and working people. I’m also dedicated to bringing down the cost of healthcare. This session, I sponsored a bill, which passed the House unanimously, to expand dental health programs for kids and expand outreach to more kids in need. The community we’ve built here is what makes this district special – we can’t afford to lose that because of soaring costs. In the Legislature, I’ll always be an advocate for affordability.
Healthy and Vibrant Communities that Serve our Neighbors

Every one of our neighbors ought to have the support they need to be successful, and that starts by listening to and acting on the needs of vulnerable and marginalized communities. In Olympia, I’ve sponsored multiple bills to support at-risk youth, including those who are in foster care, experiencing homelessness, or suffering from challenges with mental health or addiction.   In addition to growing our efforts to provide housing stability, it’s clear we need improved services to help get homeless and housing-unstable members of our community back on their feet. I also believe that healthy communities begin with a healthy environment. Through the prism of environmental justice, I’m looking forward to further developing opportunities to address climate change, reduce pollution, and create renewable energy jobs.

Together, we can build a 30th District with great schools, housing security, a healthy environment, and equitable opportunity for all.

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    Recent Accomplishments

    Passed legislation to support youth experiencing homelessness, address community violence, establish environmental sustainability curriculum in schools and expand access to child dentistry for low-income families

    Championed funding for trade/apprenticeship programs, local after school resources, culturally-relevant training for educators, and efforts to address airplane pollution

    Vice Chair of Consumer Protection and Business Committee/ Housing, Community Development and Veterans Committee

    King County Martin Luther King, Jr. Young Servant Leadership Award Winner

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